Monday 31 December 2012

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé!

Once again - to all my readers, followers and blogging friends everywhere the warmest wishes for a Happy 2013.

I think that 2012 was - barring the the odd hiccough - a good year for Eclectic Ephemera and I feel more a part of the blogosphere than ever, with lots of incredibly gracious comments from old and new visitors alike.  I hope to carry on building upon those foundations in 2013 and look forward to seeing where this aspect of my life takes me as well as continuing to enjoy reading all my favourite blogs.

As Eclectic Ephemera enters its fourth year - and I my 30th! - I'm sure there will be all sorts of excitement to share and a succession of interesting news items as the fascination with vintage shows no signs of waning.  Let's hope that 2013 proves to be another vintage year, with good health and happiness for all.


  1. Happy Nwe Year. The last time I looked I was turning thirty, then I blinked and found myself some years down the line instead, scary!

  2. Dear Bruce, thank you very much for the wonderfully lovely New Year's wishes. It is fascinating how our blogs are both heading into their forth years, and that we're very similar in age ourselves (I'll hit 29 this July).

    I've long adored following your site (and more recently, your Pinterest boards), and can't wait to share another marvelous year of vintage adoration with with, good sir!

    Happiest New Year's wishes,
    ♥ Jessica

  3. I'm very late with this... Happy New Year xx


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