Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A Hatty New Year

Dear me, that's an awful title pun even by my standards!  It's accurate though; 2012 could well become the year of the hat as far as I am concerned.  I bought a couple of new ones with some Christmas money, you see.

I can honestly say that I am now well-represented in the hat department.  In addition to several flat and newsboy caps of varying thicknesses, my trusty fedora, a Panama, boater and even a pith helmet for when the heat really strikes(!) I am now the proud owner of a couple of trilbies.

They are quite a disparate pair of hats, but none the worse for it.  In fact it's an interesting illustration of how varying in style a hat can be and yet still be called a trilby.

Jaxon Hats Downer trilby from Village Hats, £7.95 from £14.95

The first is an inexpensive little delight (£6.76, if you're asking, but that was half price and with a discount) from my favourite on-line hatters - Village Hats.  I can't say it enough times; their range is extensive and quite reasonably priced and they are usually my first port of call when I am in the market for a new titfer.

Image courtesy of Dr. Macro
According to the accompanying blurb, this downer trilby is supposed to make the wearer resemble Rex Harrison (on a budget).  I'm not sure if it's quite going to manage that with me, but it is nevertheless fantastic for the price.  Beautifully lined and remarkably sturdy, it is actually slightly too big even for my oversized noggin.  As if ridiculously long legs weren't enough, I also have to take a modern extra-large in hat sizes.  The more traditional measurement would be 7⅜ (7½ US, 23½in., 60cm - actually 59½cm for me but all hatters recommend that if you fall between sizes you should always go up to the next one) although I'm sure the more famous hat makers such as Lock & Co. or Bates would say that I've measured it incorrectly - most people do, apparently.  

I've ordered a resizing headband from Village Hats to hopefully take care of the excess space (the over-the-ears look never suits!) but sadly this particular item of headgear is no longer available.  That amazing half-price with discount offer was simply because it was old stock. 

A few more examples of the Jaxon Downer trilby have just become available, in Extra Large only.  Get 'em while you can!

The "Kempton" trilby from Hornets, £25 (plus p+p)

Although I said that Village Hats' choice was wide, their more traditional trilbies are just outside my price range at the moment (and tend to come with a feather stuck in the side of them; I personally don't much care for that look and while it may well be removable I'd rather not have to find out).  My back-up in such scenarios is Hornets of Kensington.  Theirs might be a smaller selection but it is still kind to the wallet.  Their "Epsom" trilby is a very acceptable £25.  Once again I seem to have snapped up the last of a line though, as it has since been replaced with the similar "Kempton".

Now I really am covered (literally!) for all situations and styles.  Hopefully in the coming year I'll have a few chances to really give my new purchases a whirl, in the meantime my bonce will continue to be stylishly protected from the elements.


  1. Love these hats and what a great price!!

  2. Nice post, Bruce. My husband's into hats at the mo - I'll point him at Village Hats as he's looking for a pale fedora suitable for summer wear. (He has the opposite problem to you; he has trouble finding hats small enough.)

  3. Happy New Year to you too! I do like that Village Hats site, but haven't purchased anything from there yet. Miss P x

  4. I have to say that the customer service we received from Village Hats was truly excellent, And cant wait to see you in your Pith Helmet!!! X


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