Saturday 24 December 2011

Museum offers vintage ride to deter drink-driving

Museum offers vintage ride to deter drink-driving

OK, so maybe this will be my last post before Christmas.  Trust me to find something blogworthy right at the last minute!  No good waiting 'til after the 25th either, seeing as how the subject occurs on the day itself.  But what a wonderful story to go out on, after all - a real example of Christmas spirit, and with an important message. 

The members of the Keighley Bus Museum Trust in West Yorkshire are to be thoroughly applauded for their marvellously selfless idea of running some of their old Routemasters around the town on Christmas Day so that the locals can visits friends and relatives without having to worry about having a drink or three.  The whole enterprise is touching, even more so as it also serves the nearby hospital.  West Yorkshire Police have rightly got behind the scheme and I am very pleased to see them do so.

Image courtesy of Keighley & Worth Valley Railway

It is only a pity that such festive cheer and generosity of spirit is not more widespread and that there are not vintage buses up and down the country to take people around their local area over Christmas.  It is a novel, charming and, if the article is anything to go by, successful endeavour that deserves to continue.  Well done to everyone concerned!


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