Thursday, 10 November 2011

Castle Hedingham regulars to restore £1 phonebox to 1930s glory


Castle Hedingham regulars to restore £1 phonebox to 1930s glory

Castle Hedingham is a charming mediæval village in the north of Essex, close to Colchester (and actually lies on the Roman road to Cambridge).  It retains the Norman-era Hedingham Castle as well as several original timber-framed buildings; it is also home to the Colne Valley Railway heritage line.  In short, it is an historical gem.

The locals know this too, which is part of the reason why the area has managed to retain so much of its rural character. Now the parish council and The Bell Inn public house are further adding to that character by adopting the classic red telephone box that stands opposite the pub, with the intention of restoring it to its 1930s glory - complete with period adverts and signage!

Image courtesy of Chris & Sarah Plows/

So thanks to the residents of Castle Hedingham and the owners & patrons of The Bell an iconic telephone box will soon be given a new lease of life as a centre-piece of a traditional English village, in a great example of civic pride and co-operation.  Excellent news all round and yet another welcome addition to this delightful little corner of Essex.


  1. "in a great example of civic pride and co-operation" - indeed it is!

  2. If only all villages had this kind of spiffing idea and civic pride, well done them.


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