Friday, 6 May 2011

The Patient Man

Hopefully I won't end up like poor old Ollie, nor be visited by the likes of catastrophic Stan, but such are the vagaries of life that I will be in my own variation of "County Hospital" from tomorrow for a week or so.

Thusly this wire service will fall quiet for a time, but I look forward to catching up with all the lovely vintage blogs once I'm home and recuperating.  I haven't forgotten any of my infrequent themed posts either - Film Friday, Forties Fashion, Tit-bits and more will all return, I promise you.  Not to mention the 100 followers give-away!  Plenty to look forward too!  I shall see you all anon...

"He's out of bed and looking for a computer again, doctor".


  1. May your recovery be swift and your nurses naughty!

  2. The bestest of wishes for a full and speedful recovery my friend...

  3. Hi Bruce! just checking in to wish you well again - hope your recovery is going well.

  4. Get well soon.

    I just found my way to your blog. I share your interest in things vintage. Very interesting!

    I like.
    Will follow.

  5. I love this video! :)
    ciao ciao from Rome


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