Thursday, 28 April 2011

Meet the George Formby fan, aged seven!

Meet the George Formby fan, aged seven!

Love him or loathe him, (and personally I'm in the first camp) there's no denying that George Formby and his ukulele featured prominently in 1930s popular culture and even today he is still synonymous with a particularly British form of novelty humour.

Still, it's not the kind of thing you might expect a 7 year old boy to like, never mind emulate, so that makes little James Bassett even more of a topping lad in my book.  If nothing else he's shamed me into getting a move on with my ukulele playing - if a seven year old boy can learn to play the uke in 6 months, to the point where he's taking off George Formby, I've really got no excuse!   

It's things like this that give one hope for the future; if there are young 'uns out there who enjoy George Formby or music of the Thirties in general then it's not likely to be forgotten any time soon.  In fact it is a testament to the enduring and universal nature of the likes of George Formby that there is now a new generation waiting to discover these songs.

I wish young Master Bassett the best of luck in the forthcoming awards and, regardless of whether he wins or not, I feel sure that his love of Formby's music will never leave him and hope it leads him on to greater things.

Eeh, champion!


  1. Well done to James Bassett! I love a bit of Formby too.

  2. Unfortunately, I'm in the second camp. In my 50s and had it thrust upon me at an early age. Scarred for life! Love you blog. I'm new to this so would love a visit from you and any blogging advice. Visit me at


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