Sunday, 5 September 2010

Penny farthing race takes place in Knutsford

Penny farthing race takes place in Knutsford

A charming bit of British eccentricity now, featuring perhaps the most recognisable bicycle design of the last 140 years - the Penny-farthing.

This particular event is all the more gladdening for the fact that it is in aid of a good cause and also that it brings Penny-farthing riders from around the world together to share their common interest. It must be quite an interesting and remarkable sight for the locals as well!

Although the skills needed to ride a bike such as the Penny-farthing may seem alien to those of us more used to conventionally-designed machines, by all accounts the actual riding is quite straightforward and it is more the mounting/alighting and the consequences of falling off that are the greater hazards to overcome. I don't think I shall be trying my luck with a full-size Penny-farthing any time soon, although I'm pleased to see that there is a 21st Century version currently available!

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