Monday, 8 March 2010

Elgar £20 note no longer legal tender

Elgar £20 note no longer legal tender

If, like me, you are a numismatist, then this will be of interest as we see another piece of British currency pass into history. If, also like me, you are a fan of Sir Edward Elgar and his music then you may be sorry to see his portrait disappear from this everyday denomination particularly as its replacement was introduced in the 15oth anniversary year of his birth. If you are neither of these, there is still valuable information to be taken from this article. Should you have any of these old £20 notes in your possession, get rid of 'em before the end of June otherwise the only place you'll be able to get them changed is at the Bank of England. Alternatively you could keep hold of them as one day, no doubt, they will be valuable to collectors and maybe even command a price higher than that of their original face value.

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