Monday 11 March 2013

Still hacking around

Apologies for the near-two weeks of radio silence - no sooner had I got over the last bout of sniffles when I got in the way of another cold late last week, this time a real humdinger (the perils of winter and an immune system taking a knock from other recent health matters!).

As I'm sure you can appreciate I'm therefore not feeling quite able to do this blog justice in my current state, so I'll leave you with this topical song as a filler and to let you know I haven't forgotten you all.

A few more days' worth of Lemsip and hot chocolate should have me feeling better and I hope before long to be back to full blogging strength!  On the subject of cold & flu treatments (and as purely unsolicited testimonials!) two splendidly old-fashioned products have also stood me in good stead both now and many times before.  Should you have the misfortune to find yourself with a heavy cold/cough, I heartily recommend Allens Pine & Honey Balsam (an acquired taste, but by God it works!) and Jakemans Menthol Sweets.

All being well I should be back with a couple of planned posts later in the week; in the meantime, take care out there - especially those of you suffering the late winter snows!


  1. I always have Jakeman's Menthol Sweets when I'm ill!

  2. Glad you are feeling better. Colds are (as most illnesses) not any fun.

    Maybe there is an advantage to living in Florida. I've not gotten annual (or even more often) colds. I do miss the cold weather and snow though.

    1. Thanks Bill.

      Normally I don't get annual (or few-monthly) colds either, and I usually prefer cold weather to hot as well. On very rare occasions, though, I do get a couple of colds in quick succession - and my recent surgery is probably partly to blame this time (my doc tells me my blood levels are a little bit out, and has put me on iron supplements).

  3. I sympathise, I'm still barking three weeks later! Getting very old now, not much in the way of other cold symptoms, just this very annoying dry cough.
    Hope it all clears up soon and you are fighting fit again.


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