Sunday 17 March 2013

1930s Art Deco cinema saved by the community

Regal Cinema in Melton Mowbray reopens following closure

Another story of an historic building saved now, although this one keeps its original purpose - as a cinema.  Not only does it remain a film theatre, it also retains its original 1930s Art Deco features both inside and out!  With so many Thirties cinemas succumbing to the wrecker's ball, or else being turned into bingo halls and the like, it's wonderful to see one survive in this way.

Nicknamed "the finest cinema in England" the Regal Melton Mowbray now more than lives up to that moniker thanks the hard work and investment of the local community and owners past and present.  All of them have obviously appreciated the striking Art Deco facade and the general history of the building and I'm pleased to see that this has been added to on the inside with many existing fittings refurbished and sympathetic additions put in elsewhere.

From facing bankruptcy and closure to now reopening in its full glory this latest episode in the history of the Regal Cinema has rightly been described as a "whirlwind" but one that has resulted in a gem of a building being saved by the local community, its function preserved for the town's future enjoyment.  A hearty "well done" to everyone involved - it's great to see what can be achieved when local people pull together.  It is certainly is a splendid cinema you've got there, Melton Mowbray - I'm rather jealous!


  1. Oh, we'll done to all concerned! Our Deco and empty cinema in Cheltenham is still at risk from the developers :-(

  2. Fabulous! They should have film nights where they show old films and have everyone dress up to match!


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