Saturday 5 March 2011

Spitfire celebrates 75th anniversary

Spitfire celebrates 75th anniversary

Today marks a special date in the history of aviation and, ultimately, the history of this country.  On the 5th of March 1936 at Eastleigh Aerodrome, Hampshire  (now Southampton Airport) a single-engined, low-wing monoplane fighter prototype flew for the first time.  That aeroplane, designated Type 300, became the Supermarine Spitfire - designer R. J. Mitchell's magnum opus and the aircraft that went on to define and ultimately help win the Second World War in the air.

The Spitfire can trace its roots back to the successful Supermarine S.5 and S.6/S.6B seaplanes that won the Schneider Trophy in 1927, 1929 and 1931.  Here were the first examples of Mitchell's streamlined, one-piece designs complete with (from the S.6 onwards) Rolls-Royce engines, which would eventually lead to the Spitfire.  Together with the RAF's first low-wing monoplane fighter the Hawker Hurricane, which pre-dated it by a matter of 5 months, the Spitfire became the backbone of Fighter Command in World War Two and has forever cemented itself in our nation's consciousness.

Spitfire flight marks 75th anniversary in Southampton

As part of the celebrations the "Grace" Spitfire performed a flypast over Southampton, where Supermarine was based, and a statue has been commissioned as a permanent memorial.

But the most fitting tribute to this enduring aircraft are the 44 or so (out of total 22,500 manufactured) that still fly and perform at airshows around the world.  Perhaps more than any other aeroplane it has earned an abiding glamour that will, with luck, ensure it remains at the forefront of our cultural heritage for another 75 years.  In the meantime, Happy Birthday Spitfire!


  1. Happy birthday spitfire, and another really interesting post, I love these bits of footage!! I wonder if they knew they were filming history being made?

  2. Many Happy Returns of the day, you darling little spits! I’ll have to find my little brooch and give it a celebratory birthday outing! As wonderful as they are, I don’t think they even begin to compare with the men and women who flew and fought in them- thank goodness we had both, otherwise things would have been a lot different!!! Hip Hip...

  3. I am off to the celebrations at Capel-le-Ferne tomorrow :) Happy Birthday Spitfire! I do wonder if there shall be the same attention payed to my personal favourite - The Hurricane.


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