Friday, 6 August 2010

Giant bus which drives over cars planned in China

Giant bus which drives over cars planned in China

The headline makes this sound like some sort of monster bus, more akin to the one in the previous post, crushing smaller vehicles in its path as it drives through down-town Beijing. In fact, it is a very novel approach to reducing overcrowding on the roads of China's cities.

Personally-speaking, on the one hand I think it is a fantastically futuristic idea that could have come straight out of the pages of a retro-futurist pulp comic or the like and I applaud the Chinese for considering it. However on the other hand I can't help but wonder about a couple of things that make me question the feasibility of the concept. For one thing it relies on the drivers of the cars beneath the bus keeping their heads and knowing what they have to do when the bus passes over them or when they pass underneath it. If Chinese drivers are anything like some of the drivers here in Britain I would worry about the accident rate were these vehicles to be introduced. From what I understand there would be built-in fail-safe measures to mitigate accidents and incidents but, as I am rather fond of saying sometimes - nothing is fool-proof. Secondly if they end up running on rails in the road (rather than with sensors following painted lines), surely there will be a huge amount of disruption while the roads are being dug up to fit them? In that case they might as well build an elevated railway or a monorail, methinks.

Whether or not these machines come to pass the world has been brightened a little by the suggestion of such an advanced idea that once again shows the seemingly infinite variety of which mankind is capable.

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