Sunday 9 November 2014

Red Baron's WW1 fighter recreated

Red Baron's WW1 fighter recreated

With the the centenary of the First World War now well underway and the first Remembrance Sunday of the four-year long commemorations today, events and projects marking this momentous milestone and remembering all those involved in the conflict are coming thick and fast.

The subject of this post is one of the smaller projects in the grand scheme of things, but no less important for that - the latest replica of Baron Manfred von Richtohofen's infamous red Fokker Triplane.  I say "latest" as the Fokker Dr.1, to give it its proper designation, is one of the most popular World War One aircraft on the reproduction circuit thanks to its distinctive design and association with the greatest fighter ace of the time.  Indeed in many respects the red triplane has almost become synonymous with the Great War in the air, especially in the United States where many of them reside and where companies exist to manufacture kits.

The Dawn Patrol Rendezvous reenactors' Dr.1 at the National Museum of the U.S
Air Force, Dayton, Ohio, 2009 (source)

This new addition to the ranks resides and was built in Britain, however, by two enthusiasts at the Derby Aero Club.  Unlike some other replicas, which are often ­¾ or 2/3 scale, this one is also full-size and remarkably accurate to the original design - a testament to the owners' knowledge and attention to detail.  Hopefully we will see it at events around the country over the next four years (and beyond) - having experienced first-hand the Great War Display Team any further airworthy replicas are always welcome - perhaps they will all fly together one day!

D-EFTJ, a German replica, 2006

With several high-profile examples of flyable aircraft surviving from the Second World War it is easy to overlook the machines from the earlier conflict - original and airworthy types of which are few and far between.  Thus it falls to these modern replicas, built where possible to the highest detail, to remind us what flying and aerial fighting was like during the First World War and to honour the young men who flew them.  This Derby-built example is a worthy inclusion, and may there be many more!


  1. Wonderful looking airplane. It looks like it would be fun to fly.

  2. Hello there.
    You know, you are my only source for this kind of info: cars, buses and airplains. And I rather like these posts of yours.
    This particular plane features my favorite color. :)



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