Monday, 28 May 2012

The Artist, now showing in your home!

A quick reminder that today sees the UK release of The Artist on DVD and Blu-Ray.  I trust you've all bought your copies.  Don't get left behind!


  1. I like your blog,and also like the article,and thank you for provide me so much information :))

  2. Thank you for the reminder! Did you see 'The Great Gatsby' trailer on msn the other day? Looks a bit OTT to me. X

    1. Indeed I did, and OTT is precisely how I'd describe it (OK, I know the story's about high living in the Jazz Age but there's still a limit!). Far too glossy and displaying Baz Luhrmann's trademark modernisation. I may go and see it, but I'm not as enamoured of it as I might have been...

  3. Eeek, I can't wait to see this! Silent films get a big thumbs up from me :)


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