Friday 24 September 2010

Oscar Wilde letters are sold at auction

Oscar Wilde letters are sold at auction

A fantastic insight into the private life of Oscar Wilde here, with the sale of some of his letters to a publisher friend.

Looking back at some of the content from our modern perspective it is interesting and yet somehow poignant to read Wilde's plaintive requests to arrange meetings with his colleague. Of course on the other hand, knowing what we do now about Wilde's private life, it is just possible that too much is being read into the correspondence. It may well be that he simply wished to discuss some business matter pertaining to the Society Magazine. It is difficult to judge from just the excerpts in the article and it would seem that little is known about the extent of the relationship between the two men.

Either way the letters remain as an interesting snap-shot of a period of Oscar Wilde's life and his social circle in 19th Century London and they now no doubt form part of a valued collection for a particular Oscar Wilde aficionado, which can only be a good thing.

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